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I am doing a series of books on the Beekman Patent settlers, all 17th and 18th century information, (plus early 19th century NYS probate for many Beekman Surnames). I expect there will be sixteen or more volumes before this series is finished.  Every volume contains additions and corrections to previous volumes.  This applies to CDs and chapters as well.

In all there were over 1,100 different surnames living in the Patent in the 18th century. I have worked on this project for over 40 years and am considered an expert on the early families of Dutchess County.

Many emigrants from New England lived in and then passed through the Beekman Patent on their way West. Others, such as the Palatines and Quakers were early settlers and remained for several generations or more. I have uncovered, and use in my work, many important and unpublished sources of information for these early families.

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The series to date consists of fourteen volumes, available in book form or on CD, fully indexed.